Rate all the structure decks?

I'm interested in buying a structure deck for the game Yugioh. I would like for you to rate every structure deck from 1 to 10 and if possible why?

Dragon's Roar

Zombie Madness

Blaze of Destruction

Fury from the Deep

Warrior's Triumph

Spellcaster's Judgement

Invincible Fortress

Lord of the Storm

Dinasour's Rage

Machine Re-Volt

Rise of the Dragon Lords

The Dark Emperor

Zombie World

Spellcaster's Command

Warrior's Strike

Machine Mayhem

and do they still sell these structure decks in most stores? Thank You.

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    They only sell the new ones which are the good ones. Get one marik just for the mirror force(everything else is crap). Either get 3 dark emporor or 3 machina mayhem. Belive me when i say the only good deck you will make out a structure deck will be from 3 of either these. None of the other are even worth thinking about rating

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