How Do I Know If A Guy Wants To Have Sex With Me?

Okay, So, A Few Weeks Ago, I Was Waiting For My Uncle At This Housing Complex 'Cause He Left With A Friend Of His, My Uncle Told Me He'd Return In Like 3 Minutes Or So, But, He Never Returned...l.o.l.

And As I Waited Outside This Black Guy Started Talking To Me. It Was Like Around 1:00 A.M. -- And He Was Drinking Malt Liquor And Offered Me Some. After, 20 Minutes He Started Grabbing His Crotch Everytime He'd Talk To Me. Was He Trying To Give Me Some Sort Of Hint? Or Do All Black Guys Talk To Other Guys In This Manner? Anyway, I Decided To Walk With Him To Another Dudes House And Ironically We Both Know This Guy. So When We Got There We Went Inside And He Took Off His Shirt And I Was Sitting Like 4 Feet Across From Him Inside This Very Small Apartment. I'd See Him Around Every Now And Then, Walking The City Streets... I'd Spent Some Time With Him, He Claims To Be Married; But, I've Noticed He Flirts With Other Women. But, He's Really Nice To Me. I've Heard Of Black Men Being On "The DL" (Downlow) But, I'm Afraid To Make Any Type Of Sexual Advance 'Cause What If He Is Actually Straight - He Might Beat The Living Crap Out Of Me...l.o.l. Any Advice From My Fellow LGBT's?

And Let's Say That If He Does Want To Have Sex With Me? Should I Ask Him To Wear A Condom? 'Cause I Never Had A Black Guy Penetrate Me Before? And I Would Like To A Least One Time Before My Youth And Beauty Fades...l.o.l. And I Would Like To Go Raw At Least With Him - But, I'm Afraid To Catch Anything From Anyone...l.o.l.

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    If you want him here is what you do. First get some condoms. Second when you see him again walk up to him and be excited to see him ya know? Now...tell him that you have heard about guys on the down lo but you have never met one and wondered if he knew any? If he says yeah ask him if it is him and smile. He will be fine because he was flirting I think. Good Luck

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    Whatever You Do, Don't Talk To Him With Every Word Capitalized! He Will Think You Have Headlinitis, and It Is Terribly Contagious!

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    I Cant Be Bothered To Read This.

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    Uh....ask him?

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