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Atheists like to say they have a purpose in life. But in the end of the day doesn't it all go to waste?

They say they'll give a life a purpose by not discriminating, taking care of the people they love, respecting others... but don't that purpose eventually die out? All of use judge. Atheists, have no purpose in life if they don't believe in God. Don't get me wrong, we each have a purpose in life and God made it that way, even to Non-believers. But for those who don't believe, they see that they purpose in life only last for a small period of time. How can people live a life in which they THINK a God do not exist? Just tell me Atheist! Eventually the sun is going to burn out this Earth in who knows when!

Jesus is Lord!

Amen to all the Christian.


God is LOVE why can't you accept it. You believe in the same idea.

Update 2:

I did not contradict myself because to them they purpose last for a period of time. God each gave us a purpose in life. We learn from one another! But Christian see the bigger picture

Update 3:

This Earthwon't ever burn by the sun! because I read the bible and bI know what's to come.

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    How can you eat a meal knowing that the food will be gone within an hour? Isn't that just a waste?

    How can you enjoy a sunset knowing that night comes right after it? Doesn't all that beauty just go to waste?

    How can you enjoy your baby knowing that s/he will just grow up? Infancy only lasts for a small period of time, so what's the point of enjoying it?

    Honestly, when I see questions like yours I wonder how Christians can enjoy lives that contain so much pointlessness.

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    You're committing a logical fallacy called "argument from consequence." The fallacy is that a desirable consquence indicates that a proposition is likely to be true whereas an undesirable consequence indicates that a proposition is unlikely to be true. Actually, of course, whether we like or dislike "waste" (your word) has no effect at all on the probability that God exists. The argument that I'm making now is based on reason, and as Martin Luther said, "Reason is the greatest enemy of faith." This is the constant danger that Christianity presents to mankind: Turn your back on reason and believe without evidence.

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    The purpose of life is to live, simple as that. If you're lucky you'll make a difference and be remembered but not all people will and that's okay. My plan in life is to grow up, help as many people as I can, have a career I enjoy, and try to be as happy as I can for the duration of it. I am certain in my beliefs that God doesn't exist and it doesn't bother me. I am happy with my life and values.

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    Your "purpose" dies out too, along with you. There's no evidence of any kind that there's any "afterlife," so pretending there is despite the lack of evidence is rather meaningless.

    Now, let's see, first you say we have no purpose in life (false), then you say your imagined god made us all have a purpose (also false). You're contradicting yourself. That happens a lot with religious claims, I'm used to it, but maybe next time you'll think your statements through a bit more?

    I'm OK with only having one life, and doing what I can during it. I don't need to pretend there's more than that in order to have "purpose." I'm sad that you do.


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    "Eventually the sun is going to burn out this Earth in who knows when!"

    This tells me that you didn't think this one through and started to babble. If what I do can benefit the next generation and on, then I'd say whether or not I live to remember it doesn't matter, so long as I help. I feel no need to be selfish in that regard.

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    You say "Jesus is Lord!" but in a few thousand years he'll be as irrelevant as Zoroaster...

    As for me I can't help the way the universe is...

    I wish that fairy-tales were true but I have to keep it real...

    THE BITTER TRUTH is what I choose to believe.

    As for you get your priorities straight - "And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love" is in the Bible right? 2 out of 3 ain't bad for me. As for eternity, who needs it?

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    Waste for whom? Your question implies that if your actions are not self serving, you don't value them. Is that what they teach you in church? So you are a complete narcissist because of your belief in God? Wow.'s great. I'm hardly appalled at all. 0.0

    The sun will burn out one day so life without belief in a magic pixie in the sky is pointless? Non-sequitur much?

    BTW, if we can manage space travel and terraforming, humanity will be around long after the sun burns out. In fact, we may just be able to watch several suns burn out. Even if we don't, our lives have so much value that your religion has blinded you from that I feel very sad for you. Let me show you an alternative:

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    Our purpose in life is to die, this is because we die no matter what. Our goal in life is to die making the world better as we go, this is a personal goal shared by many. Our reason for life is to live, because we live.

    Your God would bless all, even those who do not believe, and he would be ashamed to see his followers be such bigots. "God bless America, and nowhere else" eh.

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  • I don't believe for a second that any life has a purpose. Having a purpose would imply that there is some mystical divine wizard who magicked us all here with a grand plan.

    Life is the outcome of chance organic chemistry. Please see: The idiot's guide to the origins of life.

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    I love how you think the only way there can be a purpose in life is if it fits your preconceived notions of what said purpose should be.

    Or are you REALLY so small minded as to assume that anyone different than you must be wrong?

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