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I lost my most FAVORITE jacket !!!?

I went to a friends house and we were talking and i was skating . i took off my jacket cause it was starting to get hot and i put it on top of his bike . we went in to the woods and we left after 20 mins. i got my skateboard but not my jacket , and the next morning i woke up and did my normal stuff , then i was gonna get my jacket cause i thought it was in my house . and then i remembered where i left it and i went to see if it was still there and it was gone . i asked my friend if he has taken it inside or something like that but he didnt see it was on his bike . i went back home mad , and btw i live in an apartment .


any way i can find it ??

Update 2:

I just got it a few days ago ...

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    my advice, keep looking in the area you lost it, retrace your paths, the wind could have blown it away, dont instantly assume someone picked it up, in most cases people leave stuff in the woods or wherever and the dont bother looking for it because they assume someone picked it up, but actually, if you saw a jacket lanying on the ground dirty, would you pick it up? keep looking :)

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    that happend to me at school last year..sorry to hear that it happend to you(:

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    Ok and... ? What do you want me to say?

    Get a new one ? :)

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    that sucks, sorry to hear

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