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Any suggestions in writing a gruesome story? (creative people,help)?

okay so i have to make up a story about her for art :

I can make anything up as long its convenient with the time period 1600's.Does anyone have any suggestions? i want it to be something out of Michael Haneke movie. My teacher is a real

Snob and is always going after me, so i want to make her think twice when she reads this. im open to anything :)

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    I found the link to be broken, however, extremely painful descriptions are often more than many people can take. I can recall having read a book wherein a girl became ensnared by her wrist in a metal trap and in order to withdraw her hand, she had to pull it through, which removed the skin from her hand. It was so horrifying I could barely read it without being sick!

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    Randomly choose between some words. I each so often use a glossary. There are countless unfastened ones on line. seek "glossary." Make a catalogue. Then choose for a notice/word from each catagory and use one to start the 1st sentence and introduce the character with tips from notice or action. in the 2nd sentence use the project notice. Your mind's eye would desire to be waiting to take over from there Like this: Time: break of day new day first easy solar peeking up in the morning place: Gulf coast sea coast pink moonscape curler coaster battlefield mountain right beside a water fall kind of character: heroine hero sage motor vehicle mechanic thief ten year previous female a topic: stranded on a much off planet caught in a cyber web of lies finding for a treasure wishing to discover love being stalked with tips from an different being Why the project: jealousy anger family issues accident injury impediment to beat howling wolves a answer: finding the lacking piece of the puzzle overcoming the impediment turning out to be a member of the "team" coping with sadness break of day crept over the waterfall. Carrie's broken leg throbbed. on my own in the wasteland she had no person to keep in mind upon yet herself.

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    Title: "Between Pit and Pittance," a story about a poor farm girl who climbs the aristocratic social ladder

    to become a Duchess through multiple marriages and murders.

    Title: "Farewell My Love," a story about a noble woman's love for a poor poet, and her duty to her father

    to marry a nobleman whom she does not love.

    Source(s): I am a writer.
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    I'd love to help, but the link to the picture isn't working.

    EDIT: I'd say she's the wife of a Duke, but is secretly plotting his murder. Maybe she's been married several times but her husbands alway 'mysteriously' disappear... falling off balconies, eating a bad bit of meat, that sort of thing...

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