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What kind of heat lamps could i use for a brown tarantula?

We found her she is small right now so we are keepin her in a plastic cage I made a nice habitat dirt and some short sticks...but its really cold..

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    I suggest warming up the area around the tarantula using a small room heater with a thermostat (oil-filled radiators are the best in my opinion). Heat lamps & heat mats can be dangerous for tarantulas, creating hot spots the tarantula can't feel and can sit on or under until it causes itself severe or fatal injuries.

    Source(s): Many years keeping and breeding hundreds of tarantulas.
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    Any normal desk lamp will be fine. Just don't place it against the cage, because this can cause a dangerous heating of the cage/contents inside. Generally, I prefer a heat pad, available at most pet stores, and place it on the SIDE of the cage. These can be expensive though. Whatever you do, don't put any heat source at the bottom of the cage. Tarantulas burrow for shelter from hot weather. If your tarantula burrows towards the heat source, it's going to get roasted alive.

    If you're worried about exact temperature, most tarantulas do well between 70-85 degrees F. Mine have survived cold nights down to 63 degrees in my room, although I try to never let that happen. Good luck with your tarantula. They make great little pets. Just do a little research on how to care for them, and try to identify your species as best you can. There are a ton of forums out there more than willing to identify the species/sex for you.

    Source(s): Tarantula keeper.
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    get it a reptile heat lamp that you can find at a pet store

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    there is one outside youyr house called THE SUN

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    That would depend if you wanted it rare or well done.

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    you have a spider! ah!!!

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