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I know about the whole skin cancer thing. I don't plan to go every day of the week like a lot of girls do. I've already been tanning before, just not very much and I want to get more information to make sure that I'm going about it the right way. The first time I went tanning alone I bought a bottle of tanning lotion but had no idea what to get and asked the lady working at the front desk for some advice, figuring she knew what she was doing. But she wouldn't help me at all and got mad that I didn't know anything so I'm trying to do a bunch of research on my own now.

I know to wait at least one day between sessions. How many times a week is okay to go until I get the tan I want? I don't want to be dark, where it's very noticable that I go tanning but I want to have some color. Everything I've read says 1 to 2 times a week to keep up a tan but says 3 to 5 times a week is okay. Well that's kind of a big difference.

I now know to wait 3-4 hours after tanning to shower. I didn't know that last night and showered soon after tanning. What does it mean to moisturize after tanning? Does that mean just normal lotion or specific lotion that I'll have to get at a tanning salon?

How do I know how many minutes to go up? I know it takes 15 ish minutes to tan but it can take 2 minutes to burn. I went tanning last night for 8 minutes. If I go tomorrow for 10 minutes because I didn't burn at all (and never have before-even when I've gotten up to 12 minutes) and do 10 minutes for at least 2 sessions and then go up only 2 minutes if I do not burn or turn pink at all?

How many minutes do you stop at? Or is it just when you finally get that desired look? Once that look is reached, how many minutes do you go each session when you go the once a week to maintain the tan?

What are some good tanning lotions? and also am I going to have to change lotions after I get the tan I want?

sorry for all the questions. I'm sure I sound dumb, but if I'm going to do this, even though I know it's not the healthiest for anyone, I may as well do it the best it can be done! Thank you!

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    First off I want to give you major kudos for doing research about tanning! Many people just walk in the salon and walk out, and don't care about the proper steps it takes to get the tan and keep your skin looking good. I love people like you!

    I would actually advise you to call and talk to the manager of the salon, because the way the consultant treated you and didn’t know what she was talking about is actually a major issue. The salon I work in makes us take all kinds of certification tests, and we are required to research and try each lotion we are selling, so we can provide everyone with the correct information!

    First you need to build your base tan. This takes between 6 to 10 sessions. We suggest coming once every 48 hours until your 10 sessions are up, so that means roughly about 3 weeks of tanning every 48 hours. Once your base tan is established, if you still want to get darker (which it sounds like you just want to get and maintain the base tan through the winter) I would suggest going 2 or 3 times a week to maintain that.

    Moisturizing is in my opinion the most IMPORTANT step in tanning! Moisturized skin holds a tan the best, and the tan looks much healthier. Make sure the lotion you are using doesn’t contain mineral oil! Many people use a tan extender which can be bought from your salon, but it isn’t completely necessary. I moisturize twice a day, sometimes more, especially in the winter. I use a lotion called “Hemp Cherry Blossom” from Sally’s Beauty Supply. It keeps my skin soft for hours after applying. It runs about $8 a bottle, and its so worth it.

    When I was building my base tan, I would add 2 minutes every other time I tanned. I started at 10 minutes, tanned 10 minutes my second time, and since neither time I burned or turned pink, my third session I increased to 12 minutes. Just gradually increase the minutes. If you turn red during any session, I would decrease by 1 minute for the next session, then add the minute back. (sorry if that sounded confusing!) If you’re using a level 1 bed, don’t go over 20 minutes.

    As for lotions, while building your base tan use an accelerating (step 1) lotion. After the base tan is built, progress to a step 2 maximizing lotion. This will help get you darker, if desired. If you want instant results, get a lotion with bronzers. Many people also like tingle lotions, but I wouldn’t advise that until you are at the maximum amount of minutes.

    Hope I helped! Any more questions you can email me at :)

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    When you first start tanning you should start slow (about 5 minutes at a time) then gradually do it longer. also you get tanning lotion with a gradual self tanner so you don't have to stay as long or as often.

    but I use Jerguns(?) natural glow daily moisturizer its cheaper and it wont give you cancer

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