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What is Low Blood & How will I Know if I have it?


light head is what I feel like

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    Your question is not clear. Simply because it appeared in the diabetes section does not necessarily mean that you are asking about low blood glucose or hypoglycemia which I regard as a misnomer. You may also be speaking of anemia as people commonly refer to this as 'low blood' meaning a lower than normal amount of hemoglobin. Lightheadedness may be seen with anemia. If you clarify your question I will try to offer a more thorough and thoughtful response. I prefer direct email. I wish you the very best of health and happiness and in all things may God bless. JR

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    Low blood Sugar? Is that what you mean? Hypoglycaemia.

    Effects of mild low blood sugar include: Nausea. You'll feel on edge, nervous, sweaty or feeling cold and clammy, You might have a more rapid heartbeat. Moderate: You can become confused and short tempered. You may feel light headed and not balance well, also blurred vision. Severe: You can pass out and even have seizures or go into a serious life threatning coma.

    Do not self-diagnose this condition, let the doctors work it out properly to know exactly where you are with it. You can only handle it reliably by using your meter with correctly calibrated test strips at certain times of the day before and after meals.

    For now eat more Apples and Pasta (things that release their sugars more slowly and keep your blood sugars more level).

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