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Record Youtube Audio with Audacity?

I have audacity 1.3.12 beta, and I need to know how to record Youtube audio on it. I can't seem to find any other questions or guides to help me. I try to record from the stereo setting, but it just records the sound outside of my computer! Please help! And I'm not sure if I put enough information into this question, so tell me if you have to know anything else.

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    go on vixy.net and download the Youtube video by copying and pasting the URL into the bar.

    Then save the downloaded video in a folder in your documents.

    Make sure it's the right format for the Audacity program.

    Then open up Audacity and open the file that contains the downloaded Youtube video with the audio.

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    I checklist making use of Audio Playback Recorder. It information in MP3 or WAV formats, as much as and surpassing CD high quality (320 bitrate max). It information something you are able to hear on your workstation. It expenses around $30 USD, yet is nicely worth 5 circumstances that.

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