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what is ur opinion on someone who talks chit about some one who almost died?

"what a troll aka wilas. Since wilas are being fked up i will do the same.

Salvador Cabanas should come to Chivas. He one of the best players i have ever seen He can score goals no matter what. He can also be a GREAT goalkeeper with Chivas, why? because he Blocks every SHOT with his HEAD. :) plus he won't be as great anymore. But he can probably take michel spot cause like i said he can BLOCK SHOTS WITH HIS HEAD.

hey man i didn't want to say it but they made me so.... idgaf :D

@azulmierda thanks for the hate :)

look at you gays azz teams mascot.. a bird with steriods xD" quote by tony-

i think he crossed the line... i wouldnt talk about someone who almost lost his about you?

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    Piche Morro se pasa. Hes just mad Alberto Medina and Omar Arellano were never as good as him.


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    tony is a little cheating bitttch. at least eazy never cheated and he respected everyonr

  • it's harsh, and very mean. but, that's just how some people are.

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    1 decade ago

    he a little punk.. i bet americanista punk him at school..

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    i care a sh*t

  • Anonymous
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