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Are Shawn Michaels and Bret Michaels related?

BQ: Can you guess which one wears a wig?

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    No but Shawn Michaels and former TNA wrestler Matt Bentley are cousins

  • No Shawn Michaels is just a ring name his real name is Michael Hickenbottom

    BQ: Bret Michaels cuz it would be obvious on a wrestler since hes always in constant movement in the ring

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    r u on drugs... because you either need m ore or less of them

    HBK's is a stage name, and I'm pretty sure Bret Michaels' is as well

    and neither wears a wig... but they both have receding/thinning hair.. Bret uses the bandana to cover, and HBK essentially has a comb over (he has his widow's peak grown long and then tied back into a pony tail over his thin spot) so its only overtly obvious after he's worked a match and the tail is loose), plus he wears some form of hat to help hide it when not in ring

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    No, only thing they have in common is both nailed Pam Anderson.

    BQ: Bret with that cheesy bandana to hold it on

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    Yes they are the sons of Al Michaels.....the famous football commentator. I find it funny that both Shawn and Brett both wear the same type of hat to cover up the bald spot :)

    So who exactly is copying who?

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    No, they are not related.

    BQ: It sure as hell isn't Bret Hart

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    Nope not by a long shot

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    No way no how-now go away again

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