I got ARRESTED yesterday?

my friend and i were at the mall she stole pairs of shoes and put it in her bag, the security stopped us and took us to the back and found things only in her bag. they checked cameras and saw only my friend taking stuff, but they said i was guilty by association because i was with her

we were locked up but then released and we were both charged with theft.. we have a court case...

what do you think will happen to me..

I've never been arrested or convicted of anything...

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    1 decade ago
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    Kind of sucks having a thief for a friend, doesn't it.

    What were you doing when she was stealing the shoes? Standing there watching her? You became an accomplice when you simply did nothing to prevent the theft, or did not even distance yourself from her.

    Shoplifters often work in pairs, one is the actual thief while the other is a lookout or a shield.

    If your lucky, maybe (doubtful, but maybe), your "friend" takes the responsibility for the theft and states you had nothing to do with it. The prosecutor or the judge might drop the charge against you.

    If you are an adult, and are found guilty, expect a stiff fine, a letter from the store banning you from ever coming in again, and possibly a demand letter wanting four or five times the cost of the shoes from you.

    You should have the services of a lawyer. Even though this is a misdemeanor crime, it is on your record for life. You do not need a "thief" label popping up every time an employer does a background check on you.

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    5 years ago

    It depends on how much she spent. Your best bet is to get a lawyer. A judge sees a hired lawyer and they treat you differently. Hired lawyer=job=responsible citizen. Plus, it increases the chances of a good deal. It isn't supposed to be done but lawyers negotiate deals between different cases all the time (if you let this guy off with a warning, I'll take the 2-5 years for my other client). YOU should be there for support too. The more people that are there for her, the more that translates into "this person is worth something" to the judge and not just your typical low-life. Don't go with the public defender. All this will affect how they charge her, what charges they drop, how they'll plead down. I'd guess at worse she could be facing two years, at best probation if an arrangement can be made with the card owner/company. Unfortunately, mandatory sentencing makes this kind of thing for a first offender a crap shoot. So you need someone with big guns in your corner to convince the DA to "play nice"...

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    I have been in the same situation! My sister wanted some new earrings. I didn't know she had planned to steal the earrings, i was just getting some boots. She told me she would check out at a different counter than me, and I said ok. Unfortunately, when we were about to go through the door, the light above it start flashing and buzzing. They checked my purse which had the receipt, and hers, which had the earrings. When we went to court, she was sentenced like, 15 yrs in federal prison. I got 5. They said I was guilty by association and they couldnt be sure I wasn't in on it. I'm only free now because I got bailed out. Now, I can no longer shop at that store, and I have to write an apology to them that includes a check. That is most likely what will happen to you. You guys will probably get an equal sentence, or yours will be shorter. Good luck, hun.

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    1 decade ago

    And your friend did not speak up for you and explain that you did not have anything to do with it? Wow, what a good friend. Plead not guilty and explain that even on the tape it shows only her taking anything. It may also be a good idea to consult with an attorney about this. Check with your state bar. There are usually attorneys that will meet with you and consult for only $45.00.

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    1 decade ago

    Ask your friend to fill out, and sign a statement saying that you were not aware of what she was doing.

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    1 decade ago

    well it would depend what state you are in and how much your friend stole. they do not take this likely anywhere. and yes because you were with her they assume you knew about it.

    Good Luck

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    BUT you have now, thanks to your friend.

    They are assuming that you [a] was aware that she did it [b] you was the look out

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