What's your opinion about the Kanye West .vs. Matt Lauer battle?

It's not a beef. xD But if you don't know what happened, it started when Matt interviewed George Bush and brought up the Kanye West incident (he said that GWB didn't care about black people). George later said that that was one of the worst events during his presidency or something like that.

Kanye was interviewed shortly after and he later tweeted that Matt's questions toward him were brutal and he also said he didn't like how he mentioned the VMAs incident. I don't know much about the subject because I only saw today's interview. But I was figuring anyone who knew more about it could state their opinion? :)

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Matt Lauer is an excellent journalist. Kanye couldn't expect Matt to disregard the two infamous events that circle around Kanye's ego and career. There sholuldn't be a "battle." Matt was doing his job. Kanye is full of it.

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