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(Please Help) Should I Be Worried? Need Advice Please...?


Ok heres the story. I took this girl out like three times already alright. We are not officially dating yet but ive taken out to dinner/movie, haunted house place, my house to hang out n watch movies play videogames. She knows i like her and she likes me too but she still wants to go slow and get to know the real me more cuz when she first met me she said i wasnt the same she said i was kinda mean but now ive changed alot and she wants to get to know the real me more anyway we really have a great vibe. so this girl has alot of guy friends okay she told me that once. and she hasnt had a bf for yr n half. SHe said she likes to be friends wit guys cuz they dont start drama. anyway theres sum othr guy that works in the library wit her n she came up to me one day and started askin me questions about pot n stuff cuz i told her i used to do it but she always told me she wanted to try it and shes askin me all this stuff n i said why u gona try it she said yea maybe fri i just wana try it once to say i did it i said with who she said this kid name rob he works here he said he has some so idk his last name but i might go ovr his house wit his rommates and try it i said oh well who is this kid shes like hes just a friend he wrks here. i didnt like this so i started questioning her about him i said so wait who is this kid. shes like just a kid i met here while workin shes like i think he likes me but idk. i said well do u like him she said no not like that. i said oh ok. then she ended up not doing it cuz she got scared and just went ovr there and watched movies wit him n his roomates. i said how many times have u hung out wit him she was like ive hung out wit him once b4 but thats it. Then when she came ovr my house i was getting worried cuz i saw her texting i saw who she was txtn n i said who u txtn n i said why u txtn that kid shes like were friends n said oh ok n shes like is that ok i said yea. i questioned her again about him another day n said alright is there anything goin on between u and that kid she was like is this cuz i was txtn him the other night i said yea shes lke no i told u i have alot of guy friends were just friends i said alright im sorry and i said alright i wont get mad at u about this again i know ur just friends i wont bring it up again unless u do.

but im worried about this like that she talks to him about me or whatever idk. n yesturday she said to me i might be goin to joes crab shack wit rob n his roomates thurs nite. i said why shes like cuz ive nvr been there. n i said y u tellin me this. shes like cuz i thought u said u wuldnt get mad i said no im not gettn mad y u think i am she was like idk n i said im not i said its ok i said i know ur just friends shes like ok n i said im glad u told me shes like y n i said cuz ur just lettin me know ur keppin me informed if u ever do hang wit him and i said it makes me know that its nothing and ur friends right? she said yea . so idk im just worried hes tryna creep on her which i know he is. ive seen him too hes not even like a good lookin kid. n i know when they txt i know he txts her first. cuz she said she thinks he likes her and also i told her i quit pot like a couple yrs ago n said ur not gona hold that against me cuz i smoke pot she said no as long as u dont do it anymore i said yea i dont. and this rob kid does smoke pot. so do u think its all good even though he txts her alot n shes a nice girl so ya know idk i can see why she has alot of guy friends but i just hate it that shes txts him bak and talks wit him like i hate this kid should i be worried and keep questining her about it or will that scare her awayor should i just show her im not bothered by it so that she can accept me as her bf one day hopefully so shell c im not too over protective. I guess its good in a way cuz his roomates are there too when they hang out but idk im still mad i wana kill this kid i hate him i want him gone!Should i be worried what shuld i do

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    You should ask to go with then to joe's crab shack. You will alienate yourself by reacting in a jealous way. If she says you can't go is then she's hiding something and maybe you need to look elsewhere for a woman. It is possible she is getting to know both of you until she decides who she likes more. You shoud meet this guy, even though it will be hard for you not to punch him, atleast you will be there to see how they act around eachother. If she's playing both of you you will find out by how she acts with both of you there. If she acts differently towards you in front of this guy, then she is probably interested in him too. If she acts the same as she does when the two of you are out together then i'd say this guy is probably not someone to worry about. If you go you have to be polite to him, you don't want to come across as an ****** in front of the girl you like. Going will also show that you are not "mad about it again"

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    If she says she's not interested in him then just trust her and that will probably make her like you more if she knows you can trust her and she can trust you :) also i wouldnt ask about him anymore because you might cause her to pull away from you. So i would just lay off for a while but if you get to the point where you just HAVE to ask about it, tell her your only asking because you care about her and you dont wanna lose her. Honesty is the best policy :) good luck!! :]

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    aww this is cute.

    first of all i have to say that was really hard to read. but i read it so this is what i think:

    girls dont like it when guys are overprotective; so dont worry about it. i mean honestly i think why you feel so strongly about this is because you really really like her a lot. and you're kind of jealous.

    but this guy doesnt sound like a good guy, especially if he smokes pot. i think she really does just want to be friends with him. dont hate him, and if you, her, and him end up in a conversaton or something, dont say anything dont start anything with him.

    just trust her, and shell see in the long run you're the guy for her.

    this is so cute, it shows that you really really care for her a lot<3

    i hope i helped.

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    woman people gonna communicate an be jealous thats in simple terms how existence is going yet keep being u do what u sense u married so **** that hoe she aint **** if she opt to hate u an hate on u then enable her reason enable me tell u this if people not talkin bout u that makes u a no one even as u continually have people talking bout u each and each and every of the time woman smile a sense free reason there day cant flow on without u.s. snigger at that hoe an all something of ur haters CONGRATS on the toddler

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