Why are guys shy to talk to attractive women?


but even when I approach a good looking guy, they just turn red and don't say anything and show a nervous smile.

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    1 decade ago
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    I think it's a maturity thing. As I get older I find it much easier to talk to the very attractive women that I would of shied away from in the past. It takes a lot of rejections to get comfortable with knowing that it may very well happen again. The more mature a man is, the easier it is to find something to talk about. And that's the key right there. Men (or boys) don't know what a woman (or girl) wants to talk about. We have different likes, and it sounds stupid to ask a girl what she thinks about arm pit farts.

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    It's just human nature, when a guy meets a very attractive women, or a girl meets a handsome man, we tend to think, we are way out of our league with her or him.

    Even assuming that we are pretty good looking or handsome on our own. We all know our own defects and think, that those others can spot them.

    Strangely enough those attractive people, also feel as we do. That's if they aren't totally vain, as some are.

    So it's like meeting some movie star, or someone you admire, all our brilliant conversations leaves our brains, and we usually become tongue tied. Heck, sometimes, we forget our own name.

    So its not so much being shy, as becoming self conscious about talking to a hot gal or guy.or some star we might meet.

    I've heard movie stars, talking about the same thing, when they are in a movie, with someone they idolized, when they were younger. They to become tongue tied and yes, a bit shy as well.

    Its so much easier for us, to approach someone, who is in our own league so to speak. We are equals then, so not so much pressure on us.

    However there is always some of us, who are confident enough to talk to those attractive people. Or may be they don't care if they do or say something stupid, lol And those attractive people or are famous, hear it all the time, when people approach them.

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    Because when most of us look at a girl and think "wow she's incredibly beautiful!" it automatically makes us feel like they are way out of our league and probably wouldn't like a guy like us anyways.. even if we're good looking and have a good personality.

    A good friend told me something recently that changed my outlook on things however. She said "fool. leagues don't play a role in chemistry.. if it's there then there is nothing either of you can do about it but roll with it."

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    just the way it is. believe it or not, attractive people can be some of the loneliest people cuz everyone's jealous of them and makes false assumptions of them. attractive women can come off as intimidating and the guy figure there's probably no way you'd want to talk to them

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  • 1 decade ago

    i have the same problem i usually have to start the conversation

    i guess they are scared to approach attractive woman

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    1 decade ago

    attractive women get us nervous wanting them badly, so we go really confused !

  • 1 decade ago

    They fear rejection.

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