Hedgehog pooping and peeing next to food bowl?

The food and the litter box are on opposite ends of the cage. Since she kept pooping and peeing near the bowls, I swapped the positions of the bowls and the box. The next day, I saw pee and poop near the food bowls again! I keep picking up the poo and pee and putting it into the box but so far she hasn't gotten the idea. Help?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Hmm that's pretty weird haha. i used to have my own hedgehog and she never did that.. i didnt bother with a litter box. she never learned i just constantly cleaned up after her and changed her bedding more often. i dont know. hedgehogs just poop and pee a lot. haha. i work at a zoo and we have 2 babies and 2 adult hedgehogs. the adult still doesnt pee and poop in the litter box and the little ones poop everywhere, even when i hold them. i dont think she means to poop near the food.. but if she continues just let her. its better next to the food than in the food bowl :P

  • 4 years ago

    First some questions for you. How old is she? Did you get her from a look after? If she is youthful and got here from a look after there remains wish. She might desire to be use to residing in a restricted area. As somebody else pronounced attempt shifting the nutrition and muddle field as a strategies faraway from one yet another as possible. next verify you get the smell out of the nutrition section. Vinegar works properly. you will could practice her to apply the field by making use of putting her in it every time you spot her doing her corporation interior the bowl. stable good fortune.

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