does he like me? what should i do?

okay so I'm 15 & i like this guy. He dated my friend for like a week but that was a long time ago, and she said she is fine with me liking him! We text all the time, and he says really nice things to me, he calls me beautiful everyday and stuff. He know i like him, but its kinda going no where, because when we are at school i do not talk to him the way i do in text because my friend is always starring at us! he sexted before and he said he really like it, i dont know what to do like when i see him should i walk right up to him and talk to him and stay with him all through lunch? HELP me, how could i get him to really like me?

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  • 1 decade ago

    If you want him to like you then go and talk to him in school! Your friend is fine with it and you did the right thing in asking her first. She is your friend and is obviously wanting to see how goes between you two so that will be why she is watching. For things to go further you need to talk to him face to face. Say hi and ask how he is and how his day is going and keep doing that everyday until you feel confident enough to ask him on a date. Do it by text or face to face, whatever you feel confident with, but don't leave it too long! No longer than a week or so I'd say but that's up to you. If he says yes then together arrange something for you to do. If your not comfortable just the 2 of you then arrange a group outing. If he says then be proud of yourself for bring confident and be happy you have made a good friend in him! But don't let him sextext you if he says no as that will mean he is using you

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