Do girls look at the outside?

The weight of a guy? I know that looks are important on both sides of the coin. But do girls really look on the outside as much as guys think? What are some ways to overcome the preconception that I have that girls look on the outside?


Also just to clarify I do look on the outside on girls too. I want an atheletic girl or someone who is in the process of changing herself.. I am in that process and i think it would be two steps backward to date someone that is not in that same mindset.

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    Most guys think that it’s all about looks since we are attracted to beautiful women. Looks are just a small portion of the bigger picture when it comes to being attractive in a woman’s mind. So can you be heavier and still attractive? Absolutely.

    a guy’s personality is more important than raw looks for triggering initial attraction. First of all, money and looks have nothing to do with it. If you’re above a certain threshold of looks (and that bar is surprisingly low) you’re good to go in their book.

    The thing that attracts women is knowing how to carry yourself and spark their interest. If she’s interested she’ll be attracted to you. It’s as simple as that. Here are some great articles that will shine some more light on this issue. Good luck and stay positive.

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    Personally, I look at the outside first, then the inside. I, honestly, don't find skinny guys attractive. One reason being I'm not skinny, and I think it'd be awkward for the guy to be smaller than the girl. I dated a guy I thought was ugly, sad, but true, but he was a really sweet, funny guy. Girls do look at the outside of a guy, but the inside is what's more important to me. No matter how attractive I find a guy, if he's at all mean I'll move on. Even if he's not the best looking guy, but has an amazing personality, then I'd be interested. My boyfriend, of almost 8 months, is completely adorable and has the best personality ever. I looked at his looks first, then we got to know each other. :]

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    yes, some girls look at the outside of a guy. but some girls aren`t like that! some girls look at whats on the inside. they want to be around an honest and honorable man.

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