How exactly will I know she's ready to start potty training?

I'm a first time mom of a 21 month old daughter and I'm also 32 weeks pregnant. I've never deal with potty training before and I was wondering how will I know she's ready? She doesn't give any cues when she goes in her diaper, the only cue is when she goes poo her face turns red, lol, and she even stands and does it.

I'm a totally clueless mother when it comes to potty training, can someone please give me some kind of insight???


I cannot chance her going to the bathroom on the carpet, we are a military family and we live in military housing. I cannot chance the carpet getting stained or else we'll really have to pay for it.

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    It took forever for our daughter to give us "cues" we were told to put her on the potty even if she cries and leave her there until she went....and it worked...she is now completely potty trained (still has accidents at night but that's understandable) I was about ready to put her back into diapers, but don't get discouraged and don't give up it will happen when its time...i pushed the potty training issue because I was pregnant at the time...3 month old baby...and a 33 month old toddler

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    If she is older than 18 months then she is ready. The parents who wait until their child shows "signs" of being ready are the same parents who have 5 year olds running around in diapers! She is not going to just all of a sudden be like "I want to sit on the potty" you have to teach her just like you taught her how to breastfeed (or drink from a bottle). 21 months is a perfect age to start, once they turn 2 it is a lot harder.I have potty trained about 15 children and I have found that the most effective method is to set aside at least 4 days and dedicate them to potty training.

    The first day or 2 keep her diaper on but take her to the potty every 10 minutes, once she goes the first time give her lots of praise so she understands the concept then you can start taking her every 20 minutes, keep asking her if she has to go in between. Sometimes if you run the water in the sink or give her a drink of water while she is sitting there it can help her go, you can also read books with her while she is sitting there so she relaxes.

    The third and fourth days you can take her diaper off and let her run around naked. Take her to the potty every 20 minutes and make sure in between visits you are asking often if she needs to go. You can gradually increase the time between visits but make sure you are taking her at least ever hour. When she goes on the potty give her lots of praise, give her an m&m, or whatever else you can think of. You will have a lot of messes to clean up at first but there is no way around that and it won't last long :) When she has an accident don't punish her just quietly clean it up without giving her any attention.

    On the fifth day you can start putting her in underwear and continue the routine of taking her to the potty ever 1-2 hours until she starts taking herself there (which she may be doing by then).

    The most important thing to remember is once you take the diapers off, NEVER put them back on except when she is sleeping because it will only confuse her.

    EDIT: If you can't stain the carpet then you can leave her diaper on through the whole potty training process, it usually works just as well. You could also stay in the kitchen or wherever you have tile and hang out there while potty training so the floor is easier to clean.

    Good luck!

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    If she doesn't really give you any clues, then I would suggest she isn;t ready yet. My experience was that I waited until daughter number one was just 2 and was starting to take an interest in me being on the toilet. I put her on a potty before she went in the bath every night for a couple of weeks and built her up to every few hours after that. Because I waited until she was ready and not when my mother in law said she should do it meant that she only spent a day using a potty when I put knickers on her & after that she used the toilet every day rather than a potty. Because we used positive vocab about doing a poo, she never ever had any problems with that either - some littlies have problems letting go of their poo! Daughter number 2 is 20 months today & talks about wee wee when I use the toilet or points to her nappy & says 'poo' when she has been. She fetches her change mat & a new nappy too. I'm going to start putting her on the potty soon. Don't be in a rush because you think that's what she should be doing, rather than waiting til she's ready. Failing that you'll have to wait until baby number 2 is a few months old as she may well revert to wetting for attention. It's a terrible thing, I think, to confuse a child by putting pants on & then putting her back into a nappy because she has a few accidents. Once you take the leap, you shouldn't go back.

  • My daughter is about the same age...she will be 2 Feb 24!! I have studied childcare in College and have been a nanny for 7 years...

    Most kids show signs around 2 years old. Many kids will start by telling you they Pooped or Peed right after they do it...that is the first sign that they are uncomfortable in the messy diaper...then they will tell you after they do it...the trick is to explain to them to tell you BEFORE!! here is a good link to help...

    Source(s): DD Born 2/24/2009...will begin potty training at 2 years old!!
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    I would start to take her to the toilet and as we are creatures of habit she is start to realise that this is what she has to do.

    Do not give in as you will wear the consequences.

    When she has got the nappy of try taking her approx 10 minutes after the drink and before bed.

    It can get tiring at times yet it has to be done.

    Reward her with a cuddle and tell her she is doing a great job going to the toilet.

    young children love that attention and it helps you out at the same time.

    you can even get a potty seat and encourage her that way.

    Tell her when she has pees and poohs she will be able to go play.

    You have to use some child physiology.

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