Two different Antibiotics?

Okay, I was put on one antibiotic for something and now I got a second Antibiotic. I had like 3 days left for the first antibiotic, but my mom making me switch to the second one. Is that a good idea? Is it safe? Also there for two different things.

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    Good for you for questioning changes to your medication!

    Different antibiotics treat different kinds of infections. Your new antibiotic may not work at all for the kind of infection that your old antibiotic was for. Stopping antibiotics for your first infection too early can make it come back, and when it comes back, it'll be harder to treat.

    Tell your mother that you need to take your medication as prescribed, unless your doctor says to do otherwise.

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    Always finish the antibiotic when it was first prescribed. Doctors who give antibiotics usually know how much to give in order to fully get rid of the infection. In most cases, it is okay to take two different antibiotics at the same time, but there may be more general side effects that you will feel. Upset stomach and diarrhea is common and normal with antibiotics. Ask the doctor which antibiotic is for what infection, and he will tell you if it is okay to finish taking both of them. It is a bad idea to discontinue an antibiotic halfway through the prescription.

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