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What do they do at a physical for sports?

i see on my paper it says hieght ,wieght, eye sight ,skin Does anybody know how they check this and what else do they do

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    when i was a sophmore in highschool i had a physical for sports. that was the first time a girl ever touched my pecker. good times..

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    I enjoy both sports...but please, Physical? In Tennis, you need grace and athleticism. One must be able to run at a sprinters pace with the endurance of a Marathon champion. But there is NO PHYSICAL Contact with the opponent. The Power can be seen at times when hitting the ball with the racquet...but again no contact with the opponent. The NHL is full of both grace and grit. The endurance needed to go for a full game, again at a sprinters pace, coupled with physical hits is unquestionably the more physical of the two sports. These are NFL Caliber hits with Basketball pace and the grace of a well oiled soccer match. To me the NHL is the greatest of all the sports as they are the most Physical, yet they also have the grace to be a skill and mental game.

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    hey just had a physical for sports,my sheet had the same things listed plus a few others,this what happened when i went, thye first gave me a cup to pee in,then had to go in the exam room the nurse told me to undress down to my underwear. when the doctor came in he asked a bunch of qestions about health, drugs and stuff then he had me stand on the scale he did the height weight,then had to look at the eye chart cover one eye read the letters then cover the other eye.then had to sit on the exam table he ooked in my ears,throat,listened to my heart and breathing,blood pressure,then he made me lay down he took my socks off checked my feet had to push up and down on his hands,then he felt my stomach pushed in on a few placeson my abdomen then he was like i have to check ur genitals and he pulled my boxers down he felt my balls and felt my penis pulled my foreskin back to look at my pee hole it was embarrising, then had to stand up he pushed in on my nuts with his finger told me to turn my head and cough then he was like harder, then had to turn my head the other way and cough then he told me to get dressed,it sucked getting naked and felt up by a dude, yours may be done different good luck

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