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In World of Warcraft, what classes need what attributes?

By attributes, I mean strength, agility, haste, defense - stuff like that.

If someone could list off all of the classes, that would be awesome. :)

(Sorry, I'm a noob 0.o )

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    As mentioned above, it would be really time consuming to list the stats needed for each spec of every class in the game. If you have a more specific question, or have decided which class you are interested in playing then please let us know.

    If it is a general question about wow attributes (stats) or you can't make up your mind yet, here is a list of sites with information, advice and discussion about the stats needed for each class and spec. Although the stats are pretty standard for each class and we all know them, you might want to look into the different gems, enchants, glyphs and reforging that are suggested as well.

    Keep in mind that when you read an article or guide for a class, it must be up to date with the last patch that introduced most of the Cataclysm expansion mechanics. That would be patch 4.0.1 (it's wow insider actually)

    and of course the discussions on the official wow forums

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    Ya I would look this up online, or just ask someone in wow. I am not about to list every class and their stats, because it also varies based on your spec. So you should be more specific. What is your class/spec?

    Also, keep in mind that the mechanics of everything has changed for Cataclysm. Make sure you look up all of this for Cataclysm, not WotLK.

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    There is a wowwiki you should check it out.

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