Good Books Please..? (Read Description, and I'm only 13 so no graunchy stuff)?

Hey. I love to read but I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT SOME GOOD BOOKS ARE!!!!

Things I am interested in are:

Romance (Yeah, sex is okay but not like ever chapter is BANG BANG BANG..... BANG.... OH DANG LETS BANG)

Action sort of. Like I read the Outsiders and I LOVED IT..But not like BAM WAM POW....DEAD..

I am not a huge fan on mystery, so PLEASE NO NANCY DREW OR BOX CAR KIDS (EW)


I am always up for new kinds of books. Not please, no magic or mystery...


Please check the link to make sure its on the reading level between


Update 3:


means BOOK thats were u can make sure its on my level

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    Here are some books that I would have to suggest:

    The hunger games, by suzanne collins

    The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants series (really, really good :D)

    All American Girl by Meg Cabot (once again, truly amazing)

    Airhead by Meg Cabot

    The Clique series

    The Maxium Ride series

    And if you want to give fantasy a try, I would suggest the Percy Jackson series

    Hope this helps!!!

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    Dangerous Days: The Autobiography of a Photojournalist, and its sequel, Blades: The Autobiography of a Rescue-Helicopter Pilot, both by J. William Turner. Very realistic fiction about teens in several dramatic life and death situations set in Australia, Canada, England and California during the years 1981-1982 and 1995-2001. Each is written as a series of four related shorter books (about 100 pages per book) inside a single cover dealing with teenage, adult and social themes. No sex scenes or cussing. More info in Google

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    An Episode of Sparrows--Rumer Godden

    The Didikoi--Rumer Godden

    The Magic Island--Elizabeth Goudge (no wizards, witches or warlocks)

    Green Dolphin Street--Elizabeth Goudge

    The Last Unicorn--Peter Beagle (fantasy, but WELL worth reading, even if you don't like magic)

    Tamsin--Peter Beagle (Ditto)

    Something Wicked This Way Comes--Ray Bradbury (ditto again)

    Malafrena--Ursula K. LeGuin

    Three Men In A Boat--Jerome Jerome (this one is hilarious)

    Bridge to Terabithia--Katherine Paterson

    Old Fish Hawk--Mitch Jayne

    Bless The Beasts and Children--Glendon Swarthout

    The Secret Life of Bees--Sue Monk Kidd

    The Chosen--Chaim Potok

    Davita's Harp--Chaim Potok

    The Life of Pi--Yann Martel

    This Rough Magic--Mary Stewart (again, no wizards, spells, etc. A mystery, but worth reading)

    The Corinthian--Georgette Heyer

    The Elegance of the Hedgehog--Muriel Barbery

    Where The Heart Is--Billie Letts

    A Winter's Tale--Mark Helprin (part fantasy, part romance, part adventure--hard to classify, but I recommend it hightly)

  • I'm 13 too! xD I had to read the Outsiders a few weeks ago for a class! Here's my list:

    Paranormalcy by Kiersten White

    Intertwined (#1) and Unraveled (#2) by Gena Showalter

    Shiver (#1) and Linger (#2) by Maggie Stiefvater

    Clockwork Angel (#1) (Prequel series to Mortal Instruments) by Cassandra Clare

    City of Bones (#1), City of Ashes (#2) and City of Glass (#3) (The Mortal Instruments series) by Cassandra Clare

    Hush Hush (#1) and Crescendo (#2) by Becca Fitzpatrick

    The Angel Experiment (#1), School’s Out Forever (#2), Saving The World and Other Extreme Sports (#3), The Final Warning (#4), MAX (#5), FANG (#6), ANGEL (#7) [Maximum Ride series by James Patterson]

    GONE (#1), HUNGER (#2), LIES (#3), PLAGUE (#4) [GONE series] by Michael Grant

    Unwind by Neal Shusterman

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    Ranger's Apprentice

    Percy Jackson and the Olympians

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    It you can afford $3 - go to and look at The Long Way Home. It's written for teens - no vampires, no magic, no shoot-em-ups, but lots of action and adventure. I think you will like it.

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    i lovee this book called I Wanted To Be Bad.. but i don't think its your level . but im just saying, its a REALLY good book.

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    Anything by author Judith Gest , they are kind of adult but you sound like you are ahead of your age , and when I mean adult I do not mean porn . I hope this peaks your interest .

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