Physics help!!!!!!!!!?

A man is pulling on a rope with a force of 53 N

directed at an angle of 62◦ to the horizontal.

What is the x-component of this force?

Answer in units of N.

Also What is the y-component of this force?

Answer in units of N.

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    This is a question that deals with Two Dimenional Kinematics. What you want to do first is visualize the problem in the form of a right triangle. The hypotenuse of the triangle is 53N of force the man is delivering to the rope. The horizontal is the x component and the vertical is the y- component. Next you just find the x and y components by using the trig function of sine and cosine. The x component would be 53cos63 and the y 53sin63. The answer would already be in units of N.

    Good luck!

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