can a .17 HMR go through soft body armor? what about the .22 hornet?

just a thought, since it's a pointed bullet and a similar cartridge, the 5.7x28mm claims it can and they have somewhat similar performance, except the 5.7 has more muzzle energy. the .22 hornet on the other hand seems to trump both of them.

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    The 5.7x28 will only do this with armor piercing ammunition that is not available to the public.

    The 17 HMR does not come with an armor-piercing bullet, it comes with lightly-constructed varmint bullets that are designed to disintegrate.

    The 22 Hornet comes with varmint bullets also. It could be handloaded with AP bullets, which would penetrate body armor.

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    Be nice if only folks who have tested body armor at the range would answer questons like this.

    The 17hmr and 22 Hornet do not have body armor piercing properties. The standard projectile for the Hornet is a 40gr softnose bullet.

    The 5.7x28mm (I own one) with the 27gr armor piercing ammo will easily slice through Level III and IIIa body armor - but - only from the rifle. And not through the trauma plate. The pistol only developes enough powder to defeat a cheapo Level I.

    The secret to the 5.7x28mm doing so well - is the tremendous speed the tiny bullet acheives.

    I have been experimenting with 30gr Barnes 'Varmint Grenades' and the FN FiveSeveN pistol - and wow - are these some great varmint kickers!

    Just remember - even though the 22 Hornet and 5.7x28mm look the same - you can't use any of the data from the Hornet with this new round - because it is a delay blow back firearm(s). When someone finally makes a nice bolt action 5.7x28mm things will be very different.

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    the two are exceptionally neat cartridges. I actually have a .17 HMR and use it as a 2d or third gun on prairie canine cities. it is going to attain out to approximately 150 yards effectively. a pal has a Hornet I load for and that i in my view like the cartridge. it provides you with far extra capability than the .17 at any given variety. i don't think of you may flow incorrect with the two. in case you do not hand load the .17 might desire to be the only for you.

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    Can .17 HMR defeat trauma plates? I doubt it, but I can tell you that .17 HMR (fired from a rifle) will easily punch through steel silhouette targets that will stop something like .45 ACP dead in its tracks.

    I would not be surprised if .17 HMR out out a rifle will penetrate at least the lower levels of soft body armor.

    Anyone have a vest they'd like to donate in the name of science?

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