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Mom is too overreactive?

Well, my dad just got my sister a ps2 game (Krash nito kart, or somethin) then when i git home, i called my mom to tell her that we had a good time with our dad and told her he took out to go eat out and he bought my sister a game about racing.

Then she like got all freaked out then said "Well ok, bye"

Then i thought that was the end of it.

Then my sister called her then heres what she said "Im going somewhere, have a good time with ur grandparents at home"

Then my sister told me about it(shes in 3rd grade) then i was like "What the hell???"

Then i called my mom and she said "Well im leaving the house. If you guys wanna play games then go ahead."

"Where you going?"

"I dont know"

"Come home, dont get freaked out over a game."

"Study hard and play all the game you want. You guys give me a lot of headaches from you guts playing games."

I honestly think shes too overreactive. I mean WTF???.

1. Playing games too much??? I play 3-5 hours on the weekends only. On the schooldays, i wont even touch my game system.

2. Is she overreactive?

And finnaly, am I playin games too much? I only have 2 games, black ops and Waw and i havnt even been able to play black ops yet..

I swear she gets "headaches" for every little thing.

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    Every parent is different. I personally think she's slightly overreactive. My mom's the same way.

  • 1 decade ago

    sounds like my teacher, she get's over reacted when something goes wrong

  • R0G0
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    1 decade ago

    a PS2 game?? whoa, that's old stuff there. people still play PS2??

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