Do people really fully "Grow Out" of Asthma?

i used to have asthma until i grew out of it when i was 3, i think. thats what my parents told me and i never really thought anything of it. but isn't asthma some sort of lung condition? so, do people really get cured or does their asthma just not act up very much? would i, or somebody else who has grown out of asthma have as healthy lungs as someone who never had asthma? somebody please explain what growing out of asthma means and answer my other question and you will get 10 points !!!

1 Answer

  • 1 decade ago

    Asthma is a chronic lung disease - chronic means it lasts your whole life. Yes, it is possible for your asthma to become 'less severe' overtime, but your lungs will always be inflamed and sensitive to trigger. Asthma sucks doesn't it? I just developed it a few months ago and it's pretty bad, so make sure you know what causes your asthma so you can avoid the triggers. Good luck! Keep your inhaler close by you!

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