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Any Seasonique users out there?

I am 19 and on my first birth control. My Dr. prescribed me Seasonique because I liked the sound of 3-4 periods a year blah blah blah. Well I'm almost through with week 4 of my first pack, which I know is early in the process. Early as it is i'm worried. I started bleeding when would be my normal cycle and it was about like a normal period, this was over a week ago and it is still going to the extent that a tampon is necessary. I googled and found all sorts of horrible user reviews and am concerned that I don't want to go through what these woman are talking about with Seasonique. I am married but not currently sexually active due to my husband being deployed but obviously I would appreciate not bleeding while he is home for leave and for any time after that. I am looking for anyone who's been on Seasonique longer than I have because I'm worried I may have made a bad choice with this particular pill.

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    I had quite a bit of breakthrough bleeding my first pack, a little my second pack, almost none my third pack, and by the fourth pack I was evened out. Been on it and similar birth controls for six years or so now without one problem.

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    I took seasonique for over a year and had breakthroguh bleeding quite a bit. My doctor switched me to Sprintec because of the higher dose of estrogen and progestren to stop the bleeding. This didn't help, I still am spotting. I'm sick of going to the doctor and getting so answers so I just deal with it.

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