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Make Up Tips/Colors Suggestions?

I am 17 years old and now I am getting a bit interested in make-up, lol.

Anyway, I have light to medium colored skin, rosy cheeks, pink lips, eyes that change colors bluish green-to green with bits of brown. What color will look best on me?

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    ahah you sound just like me. I think plum colours look nice as liner with grey and silver smokey eye on top (Dial it down for a day look) I find that with my eye colour (Which is blueish green to green with orangey yellow flecks around the pupils) and so blues bring out the blue in my eyes, greens the green and more brown colours make the orangey stand out. Keep up variety!

    A trick I do for college is a light colour (which goes with my outfit) all over the lid, then using a dry eyeliner brush, and using a darker colour in the same pallet as you just used, roughly line the top of your eyes. Then with a fluffier brush (The one you used to apply the lighter colour all over) blend it into the shadow above slightly (Gives it a softer line and means that it looks less harsh - and mistakes aren't noticeable!) then add a little more of the darker colour to the outer corner of your eye (Only a little!) and blend it in just to add a bit more shading... then line with any colour you like you think goes (Black's a safe option with colours on the top but with whites, blacks, greys or neutrals on the top you could play around abit eg plum or teal :))

    Hope I helped!

    But if you still need a hand check out http://www.youtube.com/user/juicystar07?blend=1&ob... She's really good and has some great tricks which you can always play around with :) -Enjoy! - I hope I helped :D

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    I think purple eyeshadoows and black eyeliner. I use revlons eyeshadows that are like 5 dollars for five colors. And they have a pack of good shaded purples. And just light liquid eyliner in top and bottom

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