Garfield and Friends Thanksgiving Special & Cartoon Specials in General?

Back in the 90s, I think it was the middle-late 90s, my family and I went to a large party for Thanksgiving at some relative's house. Since most of the kids didn't know each other, we all just sat in the living room together and watched the Cartoon Network/Nickelodeon Thanksgiving specials when we weren't eating, meeting more people we didn't know, or running around playing tag and freaking out Grandma.

Anyway, I could have SWORN that I saw a Garfield and Friends Thanksgiving Special, where Odie and Garfield are pilgrims and all the other characters played a role in telling the story of Thanksgiving. I know of the general Garfield Thanksgiving special where Jon asks the Vet out on a date on for Thanksgiving and the Grandma cooks their dinner, but I really remember a different special where all the Garfield characters act out the Thanksgiving story of the Pilgrims and Indians....Does this sound familiar to anyone? Am I confusing this with something else?


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    The only Garfield Thanksgiving episode I know of is the one you described, where Jon invites Liz (the vet) over, and Grandma cooks the dinner.

    I think there was an episode of U.S. Acres, the farm cartoon that aired as part of "Garfield and Friends" that touched on Thanksgiving, mainly how their ancestors first set up the farm and held a feast.

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    A reunion prepare? I doubt it...1st it has no longer been long adequate on the grounds that they have been off the air...2d there are not adequate has-beens yet who want the greater pay examine...third Jennifer Aniston is basically too familiar now to pass returned and it does not be an identical without her.

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