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Hello I have a few questions about prescription medicine, uses and dosage information. I will arrange my questions in numerical form to ensure the information is delivered accurately. I thank you for your time and patience and hope to hear your responses soon.

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Nathan Miller

1. Can you order & receive prescriptions for refills without consulting a doctor. (If the prescribed medicine wasn’t taken properly, or need more medicine to finish killing the bacteria)?

2. If you can to the above, can you just take the empty bottle to the pharmacy and request a refill.

3. Do you need a prescription for refills if your initial prescription did not include a refill?

4. Can a doctor prescribe an additional refill, when a prior doctor didn’t not indicate a refill to be necessary?

5. Can a prescription can be refilled by a doctor on

6. Any other information you can give me about the refilling process.

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    1. You cannot get refills for prescriptions without consulting a doctor unless the original prescription allowed for refills, and if it did, that will be printed on the label on the bottle you received from the pharmacy.

    2. If the bottle doesn't say "2 refills etc" on it, you need a new prescription.

    3. Already answered

    4. A different doctor can prescribe you medication on their own, but they cannot authorize refills of a medication prescribed by a different doctor.

    5. No

    6. Your best bet for a refill is to call the original prescribing doctor and have them call it in to the pharmacy for you. If they are unwilling to do that they will have a good reason, but since they are responsible for how much of each medication you receive, you can't get more by going around them. Hope that helps.

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    1. Unless the prescribing physician authorized refills on the original prescription, no.

    2. You can request a refill, but the pharmacist cannot fill it without a valid prescription.

    3. Yes. You need a new prescription if the original did not include refills.

    4. See #3.

    5. I have no idea, but that sounds fishy. Prescribing medication for a patient that you have never met is never a good idea.

    6. It's simple. The doctor writes how many refills you may have on the prescription. If none are authorized, you need a new prescription. Many times, you can call the doctor, and if it is appropriate, he/she can call a new Rx into the pharmacy for you. Sometimes, a refill is NOT indicated. You may need a different drug, or different dose. Your example concerning bacteria is probably the best. If the original Rx didn't kill the bacteria, you may have a resistant organism, and a different drug would be indicated.

    Hope that helps.

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  • A prescription is good for a certain number of refills. After the refils are used, you must get a new prescription from the doctor.

    Online "prescriptions" are illegal. Online "pharmacies" are also illegal.

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    I am going out of town tonight. I have a new prescription for my buprenorphine from my doctor, but the insurance wont pay until tomorrow. What should I do?

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