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Does this count as sex?

My friend is freaking out over thinking she wasn't ready for "sex"

However, when she did have sex, it was one time and they couldn't get "it" in. She said he might've gotten halfway in ONCE and they had to stop.

Yes, it is penetration, but barely and it was a single penetration. Just imagine if all sex was like that. I told her she's still a virgin to me but she's scared of what other people will think (she's just freaking out.) thoughts?

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    I dont think that counts. It counts as an atempt to have sex and not sex itself. She doesnt need to freak out. She can sum it up and say "I tried to but I stoped before doing anything"

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    I'd say bad sex is sex, too. And it would have been sex even if they had just rubbed their genitals together. Not intercourse, but sex... yeah.

    But people will only know about it if she tells them about it. And virginity is a cultural concept anyway... it's not something tangible or concrete, it's just an idea.

    Is she a virgin or not? Who knows... and who cares? It all depends on who you ask.

    Tell her that nothing about her has changed. She is still who she was before. There is nothing to freak out about.

    If she doesn't feel ready for sex, then she should not have any for now. End of story.

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    your friend is still a virgin, in theory, if the hymen was not riped. however, any type of intercourse, including a swift 1/2 sticking, is sex. even oral is sex. tell your friend that if she is worried at all about anything to do with sex, DON'T DO IT!! She's not ready. Being seen as a "hoe" is the least of her worries when it comes to sex. STDs, HIV, and pregnancy are all risks of sex.

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    Any penetration by a penis into a vagina is classed as sexual intercourse, Im sorry to say. Even only halfway and once. Your friend is no longer a virgin

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    no thats not sex it was an attempt but it didnt happened.

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    'It was one time & they couldn't get it in'

    Because she IS a virgin, & it probably hurt like hell.

    That is NOT sex. Sex is long, ten to twenty minutes of long & REPEATED 'insertions'.

    They tried, & stopped. That's not sex at all.

    I'd definitely still consider your friend a virgin.

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