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KTM 250sx-f or 125sx?

i was origianlly thinking 250sx but i cant handle that so its between these two. i like climbing coal hils mostly but love racing (like street racing) with my friends and there yfz 450's and a yz 250. i also do alot of trail riding but we go really fast. which should i get and if possible please give explanation. thanks

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    I would go with the KTM, not only will it have a higher top end speed than the 125, they are a lot more fun to ride. However the height and weight also effects which you should get. As well as your experience level etc. But since you mentioned that you ride trails often I would go with the bigger cc. It will be a lot more fun.

    Also 2 strokes have a lower rev powerband which makes them better for climbing hills, but not the best to race in. NOT that they wont stay up with the 4 strokes, they it will be harder if you get on a long straight away. Have fun! Don't do anything I wouldn't do...... Ummm i forget what I wont do though, so just take educated risks when racing bud!

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    Jack is exactly spectacular, you are able to turn speedier lap circumstances on a 250F than a 250 2 stroke even nonetheless the 250F does have much less HP. The 250F is a much greater versatile motorbike, there is no benefit to a 2 stroke different than in case you in elementary terms like the abrupt hit of a 2 stroke. I spent some years racing 2 strokes, in elementary terms been on 4 strokes because of the fact that 2005 and that i will inform you that a 2 stroke is not greater effective in any way different than being a tad lighter.

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    A man rides the pony that that man can afford.

    How you ride that pony gets you to the next watering hole.

    Source(s): In the saddle for 55 years, fed & watered my ponies until they grew into horses
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