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Why is my hair color coming off?

Yesterday i went to the salon to dye my hair a burgundy color and my hair stylist said that the color doesn't come OFF until ur OWN hair grows and ur own color comes out soo i showered today and i see on my tub red is it because maybe she didn't wash my hair good? or did she lie because it isn't suppose to come off?

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    no this just happens when you first wash your hair after getting it colored. you really shouldnt wash your hair for three days after you get it colored to make sure the color sets alright. your color will eventually fade-esp if it has red tones in it but if your hair still looks burgundy then dont worry about it.

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    basically be contented on your hair! Get common with it. you are the single to blame for the wear, relatively. And with the blonde streaks or despite that's, this is on the grounds which you in basic terms dyed your hair blonde weeks or quite days in the past.

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    maybe its becuase of the type of hair color you bought. I suggest you to switch, or color it again. if it does not work, you should go back to youre natural hair. Maybe its not right for you to die youre hair..

    Hope i helped!!:)

    Source(s): My mom does hair for a living. She has been doing it for 18 years!!
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