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why are people so mean to this girl in my class?

i was listening to this conversation...and this ugly b*tch was talking about this other student, (whos kinda of annoying, like always asking questions and she tries to be friends with a cute innocent way and shes like always clumsy and falling....she's kinda obsessed with small talk) and the ugly b*tch was like "yeah i try to make it so ________knows i don't like her. cus she is like SO annoying" damn i wanted to slap that b*tch when i heard her talking like that!

and then other people are like openingly rude to her.....and they tease her going like...."why are you reading that"...or "what the hell are you talking about".........and they start rumors about her

i feel really sorry for her, why are people so rude to her?


nah i dont think thier jealous of her....she's kinda of a geek,,,but with average grades

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    They could be jealous of her. That's the only reason i can think of. If someone is mean to another person it's because that person did something or they want what the other person has.

    For example, People would spread rumors about me and my boyfriend because they were jealous when they found out we were dating. Maybe someone else liked him or something. So someone would do rude things of jealously.

    Edit: If they are not jealous then she is just easy to pick on. Those teenagers don't have anything better to do and it probably makes them feels better to pick on someone or bully someone arround.

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    Well, most bullies act this way because they have a low level of self-esteem. Putting someone else down makes them feel as if they're no longer at the bottom of the totem pole.

    Another reason they do it is because they can. People like you have the power to stop them. Next time you hear something like that, let them know that it's not okay. You don't have to be her BFF, but make it clear that you're not interested in taking part in that type of conversation. You could say something like, "I don't like to gossip.", or "Well, I'm not perfect either, so whatever." When the bullies stop getting feedback that stokes their egos, they'll stop pushing...people do what works, and when it stops working, they'll do something else.

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    aww that's sad :(

    i don't know, i guess people are just really rude these can't trust a lot of people, and some people these days tend to be jealous, arrogant or just plain mean...they obviously weren't brought up right by their parents, it seems that each generation as you move down, each younger one is getting uglier, meaner, nastier, etc...that girl is probably just jealous, and is looking for a way to fight back..she's probably insecure and looks for ways to put others down so she can feel better about herself..

    this is just a suggestion, but maybe next time, if you hear her say anything like that, just tell her to stop because it's not cool, its mean..but then again it's a suggestion...good luck :)

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    I have no idea..I was never like this in grade school..but it seems people are just getting uglier and uglier these days. Their parents obviously didn't raise them properly. We have nothing but a bunch of idiots being bred into society these days.

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    Because they're bunch of ignorant arseholes, and somewhere along the way they learned that it's okay to treat someone like this.

    Hopefully she has the good sense to ignore them.

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    teenagers are cruel! they just like messing with people and that is there target.

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