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I got a speeding ticket august 5th and since i have a junior liscence i appealed it but have still not gotten a court summons. my friend got a ticket like a month ago and he already got his court summons. Is there anyway i can check the status of my liscence to see if it got suspended or not, or if something else happened wit the ticket? thanks

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    1 decade ago
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    Ever heard the term "Let sleeping dogs lay?" I wouldn't worry about it until I got the summons. If it got lost somewhere and you go trying to find out about it, it might refresh someones mind. If you just have to know, you can go to a police station and ask them to run you through the system and see what comes up. I doubt they forgot about you, most likely the system is backed up and it is taking a little longer than it usually does. If you never get a summons, don't worry about it. It is their job to send you the documentation for a court date and if they don't send it that isn't your fault. Do what you want to but if it were me I would leave it alone and hope you never receive the summons.

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    The license is meant to be out of your everlasting place of abode. in case you nevertheless have an handle there in NJ, & nevertheless evaluate that the place you reside, then you particularly're ok. yet, which means you'll be able to desire to flow decrease back there to get new plates & such, so it particularly is as much as you. If the plates are not that extremely extra $$$ in Mass, might probable be much less confusing to alter. i became interior the army maximum of my existence, & moved/lived around the globe for Uncle Sam, yet abode became continuously Ohio.

  • 1 decade ago

    If the information exists, it is at the RMV

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