My ex means everything to me! He is my everything...?

Is it normal for your boyfriend to be your everything? A main reason we broke up is because we mean too much to each other and have codependency issues. He struggled greatly leaving me and we still hang out occasionally as friends and we are still in love. He still gives me the 'I love you' eyes. When I asked him how he was getting through it he said, "keeping occupied and knowing it could be someday." He said we are not done fighting for our love, but need to give it time. (its only been 6 days but he said maybe we have a shot in like 6months-4years or something). Does he really want me to just move on? (We were together 4.5 years. lived together 1.5yrs, were each others first loves and first you know haha, we even discussed engagement for 2011 and he gave me a promise ring like 3yrs ago)

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Codependency and "being your everything" as far as I'm concerned is just the effect of true love. I see no reason why you two can't have a life together. Good luck

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