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what causes my cat to chew on wires?

My cat chews through cords. He also licks plastic bags and people's skin.

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    I think ALL cats like chewing on wires, mine definitely do!. One of my cats got underneath my RV a couple months ago, and chewed wires to the fuse box and almost caused the RV to burn down.

    Tape all wires up, or somehow figure out a way to keep them out of a cats reach. They LOVE them. Also, my cats like messing with plastic bags too.. I think they like how they feel. I must put all my Wal Mart and Grocery bags away or throw them away right after unloading my items lol. They do make toys that sound like the "crinkle" of a plastic bag.

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    Chewing relieves stress and feels ... interesting for the cat. It may also taste interesting.

    Licking skin can be affection or because of the salt taste. My kitten does this when she is purring so I think it is a sign of affection in her case.

    As far as chewing wires go, I'd provide lots of new toys that can be chewed. Different textures and smells. I'd encourage them to play with these toys by engaging in play with them. May be an idea to hide the wires away or cover them until the habit has passed.

    Source(s): BSc Animal Behaviour
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    Wires move and bounce when they tap them and they may find the taste interesting. At the moment my 9mo old cat is taking whacks at my laptop cord and she's chewing it too! When she does that I know that's her way of saying, "I'm bored and want something to do or someone to play with me", so I pick her up and do playtime. Also helpful would be to provide more appropriate toys, like the ones with tails, or catnip inside or anything that wiggles and squirms when they hit at it.

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    some cats like to play with strings or have a habit to, and your cat might think it's a string if it plays with them a lot

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