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REALLY NEED HELP :( [short]?

theres this guy i like i talk to him by txt or facebook chat most nights we have mutual friends etc weve only met once in person but whatever, we sorta always joke and lightly flirt and he told me something hes only told 2 other people about his family life. i sorta drop hints now and again that i like him , idk if he picks them up. we were talking about his ex gf and he said he doesnt like relationships now cos he got hurt in the past, this upset me so much cos i hoped we would sometime soon be an item im so upset but i cant tell him. yet we talk about so much have literally 100 things in common so what can i do? does he actually like me but afraid to say it? he drops hints too ''i trust you'' etc help?!!!

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    just tell him! Like, start talking to him, be like, "so why don't you wanna date?" or something like that, and when he says the whole "I've been hurt in the past." Say something cute like "I'd never do that" just start getting less subtle with your hints, then tell him how u feel!! <3 good luck!!

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    yes he probly likes you but is to afraid to get hurt. you need t just come out and say it. tell him that you like him alot and you wouldnt hurt him. and even if he dsnt want to get into anythign serious know stay friends and just wait...give it time and show him that youll ALWAYS be there for him and you would never hurt him. make him want you. now call him RIGHT now and tell him how you really feel and whatever else i just said!

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    Okay... He doesn't like relationships because his afraid of getting hurt again.

    So if you really like this guy, show him that your not like other girls, Don't

    drop "hints" anymore. If you prove to him that he can trust you, then it should

    be easy to tell him that you like him. Don't be afraid to tell him anything.. If you

    guys talk about everything else.. then you should be able to talk about this one.

    good luck.

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