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How do you wash/restore jackets/hoodies once they've shrunken?

A big problem with a lot of my jackets/hoodies is that when i throw them in the washer/dryer, to shrink, it gets messed up because the zipper doesnt shrink with it. Another example I have with snap button jackets is that the ribbing doesn't shrink proportionately with the jacket either. Is there any way I can fix them back to normal? What advice would you give me for future jackets?

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    I don't think you can restore shrunken garments, it's ruined.It can't restore to it's original size.

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    Hi Abc,

    What we do is wash them in warm/cold OR cold/cold. (you might try Tide cold wash detergent) put in a lil fabric softener if you like in the proper dispenser of your washer. Then when your jackets/hoodies are done washing hang them to dry on a hanger away from any dry clothes. The hoodie should dry within five to eight hours. I find the dryer can shrink the hoodies if they are made of cotton. A nylon jacket is usually safe in the dryer. Check laundering instructions inside your jackets/hoodies. Basically avoid the dryer when and if possible as it has shruken my hoodies as well. You might try buying a lil larger size of hoodie if you insist on using the dryer so that when and if they shrink you still have lots of room. Also, the Tide cold water wash I recommended can be used in cold, warm, and hot water temperatures. It just says cold water wash because they forumlated it to work really well in cold water temperatures of your washer.

    Source(s): fabric softener makes the hoodies come out nice! dont wash in HOT water it might shrink the hoodies
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    Once you've shrunken something, it's shrunken.

    What I do is, close zippers, buttons, snaps, etc. turn inside out, wash on gentle cycle, cold water only, mild detergent, check for spots and use a pre-spotter if necessary.

    Lay flat to dry (on towels) or you can buy a rack that fits your bathtub. (lay them out the way you want them to be shaped when they're dry.) If it needs fluffing when it's COMPLETELY dry, put in the dryer on gentle cycle with fabric softener sheet if needed, just for about 15 minutes.

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