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What is it with right wingers and George Soros?

It's like they have a strange fetish for left leaning billionaires.

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    Just another one in their long list of enemies...

    Fox report they believe is true regardless if tomorrow everything is debunked, because debunking doesn't make headlines at least not in Fox news...

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    It's not hard.

    1. People complain about Rupert Murdoch.

    2. We have 2 major parties

    3. People inside the party that includes Rupert Murdoch look for an equivalent in the other party

    4. They find George Soros. Who, by the way, fits the bill like a glove.

    So now you have two chessmaster villains who give a name and a face to everyone in each party that needs a place to point their finger.

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    spectacular how those precise wingers have a quick span reminiscence, or possibly they pretend to be dumb, it has turn into surprisingly much a ritual, cons and neocons to boot dedicate those flagrant un-American like fakaps yet they nonetheless have been given the balls to point the downfalls of innovative movements like flow-on. It hasn't began with appointment of Dubya the main immoral liar interior the heritage of the US, it has its lines back to the Nixon era, the climate that surrounded the criminal then are the very comparable clique thugs working the affairs of this u . s . right this moment. i understand i'm no longer telling something new, even lame precise wingers understand that, so so you might divert from the certainty of it they attempt character assassination, little they understand the established public has grown conscious of their lie approaches.

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    Beck tell them what to think and Beck is pissed at Soros.

    Beck is pissed at the Tides Foundation to which Soros gives money

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    Soros is the latest target of Beck, Rush, and the other jack-***, corporate mouthpieces.

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    Beck has been on him lately so libs dismiss it as just beck but at the end of the day Beck is right Soros is a scumbag who plays with nations and lives for his own entertainment and in his own words believes he should be the "conscience" of the planet. that makes him on dangerous narcissist of a man.

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    They are convinced that George Soros is the puppetmaster in the vast left-wing conspiracy.

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    The Right Wing Propaganda Machine has an obsession with him, thus they do

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    Glenn Beck's new whipping boy they're all supposed to hide under the bed in fear from.

    Source(s): Fox TV - It's like watching a room full of rather stupid kindergarteners try to put one over on the "grown ups."
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    Only they get to have evil billionaires.

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