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What is the equivelent of 1 gram of marijuana compared to tobacco in terms of over all damage?

if i smoke 1 gram of weed. that is = to how much tobacco (dammage to the lungs and brain wise)

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    marijuana affects your body different than cigarettes. when they say its more harmful than tobacco its just a scare tactic used to get gets away from drugs. tobacco smoke constricts the lungs and air passages. marijuana does not do this. of course it will hurt the cilia in your lungs that basically clean your lungs but it will not give you cancer or breathing problems. to guarantee that you do not have lung problems do not smoke any tobacco. i advise you smoke marijuana out of a bowl bong or vaporizer if possible. marijuana does not cause brain damage or any of those negative things that teachers and parents tell everyone. those are also scare tactics based on faulted and biased medical studies. the only time they found "proof" of brain damage was when they tested rhesus monkeys. they fitted them with these gas masks and pumped marijuana smoke into their lungs for 5 minutes with no added oxygen. after 4 minutes of no oxygen the brain shuts down so for an entire minute the monkeys brains were completely deprived of oxygen. they attributed the marijuana smoke to being the cause of the brain damage. any intelligent person would notice the fault in that study. if you want to know the truth about marijuana you must take advice from the smokers. not the ones looking to exterminate this harmless plant. people are afraid of change and anything that even seems different to them they push away. parents also refuse to take responsibility for their child's actions. thats why their are parents who are trying to ban Mature rated video games when their child goes on some shooting rampage after they play Grand Theft Auto. if they were responsible parents they wouldnt let their child play those games. Or parents who blame Mcdonalds or Burger King for their child's obesity.

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    the weed damagez u more than the tobacco cuz ur smoking the weed nonfiltered...i donno if this is ture but they say that a joint is equivalent to 5 a gram is prob equivalent to like 20 cigarettes..cuz like a gram will prob make 4 joints so 4 timez 5 would b 20..the weed is harsh on ur lungz cuz its not filtered and its damaging on ur brain cuz it kills brain cells that are critical for thinking and retaining information..hope this helped

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