Why would a husband and a wife in today's world decide to have an excessive amount of kids?

Maybe you can help me understand this one. I am referring to huge families (12 or more) and absolutely massive families (20 kids) like the Duggars. The days of hunting and gathering are gone. Also mostly gone are the days when families had to have about a dozen kids so they could help out on the family farm. I am saying MOSTLY gone because I am sure there are some family farms out there that still do need a lot of kids to help out on the farm. Then there are all of the other factors like how much it costs to raise an absolutely massive family. It would cost a few million dollars in the modern world to raise a family that has over a dozen kids. Who has that kind of money? Also, there is the old argument of population control; in other words, as overpopulated as this world is (around SEVEN BILLION), does it really need married couples to make over a dozen kids? What's your take on this? Why do married couples still have huge and massive families.

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    I was just thinking the EXACT thing and was going to ask it here. I dont personally agree with people having so many kids. First of all, I don't think the children even get the proper attention from their parents. They are mostly raised by their brothers and sisters, and it could have some effect on their self esteems or whatnot later on in life. I love their family and they seem pretty close, but still each child is not getting the undivided attention that they need. Childhood affects greatly on how they will be as adults.

    Also sometimes I just feel like they are collecting kids. For example, the mom in the duggar family is much older now and her body is not able to produce as strong babies as she could before. Usually they say, if you are under your 30s, you have a better chance at having a strong baby. Which kind of makes me sad that her 19th baby was premature and almost died. And yet, they still seem like they want more.

    I understand that they believe that it's up to God, but seriously, there are health risks there. Even their oldest son already has a 1 year old daughter, and his wife is pregnant already.

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    How about a mismatch between the (religious) solution to a past problem and today's current living context?

    I've seen at least one documentary on them and their rationale is basically "God told us to". At the time(s) the bible was written, it made sense to push for a lot of kids because the mortality rate was outrageous and there were usually advantages to having a huge number of kids. With the advent of widespread literacy and the written, inelastic bible lacking the ability to adjust it's rules to fit more modern contexts, the prescription for huge families remains even as the costs of having one climb and the utility drops.

    Ergo: a mismatch.

    Good luck, eh?

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    You might read "the Marching Morons" by Cyril M. Kornbluth. It goes with the remark that those that practice birth control, birth control themselves out of existence.

    Several religions follow the "be fruitful and multiply" way of thinking. More people = bigger religion. Plus our society has setup multiple government funded supports to help children. A big family won't get rich but it won't starve.

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    only stupid people breed we dont need any more if they were clever then they would know that the world is overpopulated i am planning to kill my sister aswell because i think she plans on getting kids

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