I am working on my resume and need some advice.?

I am working on my resume and need some advice. I am writing a brief description of my previous job as Crystal Report Writer for a software company. I might not seek software related position. The target audiences are for general companies that might not know what is Crystal Report. Could someone revise it to make it sound better?

Crystal Report Writer job description

Design, manage, and create over 200 various complex automated reports that retrieved and analyzed data from various databases to produce information in a readable and printable format for school districts and billing clients across the united states.

thank you!

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    I think that sounds great! Now add details about your job experience that align with the job you're going for. For example, if you are applying for a customer service job, talk about how you interacted with customers or met customer needs. You might not have dealt with the company's customers, but you probably dealt with internal customers (other people working at the company that needed these reports).

    If this is the only job on your resume, keep the job description and add bullet points for the other responsibilities that are tailored for the job you're going for. If it's not the only job, could you easily add a description for those too? No sense in leaving these impressive skills off the resume, even if they don't directly apply. A hiring manager may want a customer service position, but really wants someone with talents for reports or databases, has experience dealing with school districts, and/or needs someone with an analytical skill set. Crystal reports is pretty common, so even if they don't know what it is, they can look online to find out general information pretty easily.

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