Mandatory direct deposit in RI legal?

i know its not but i need help finding facts, ive searched labor laws of ri but all i can find is something that says they can pay with cash, through check or through direct deposit IF employee chooses, i cant find anything that says that it is illegal to madatorize direct deposit. My cooperate office told us today that it is now mandatory the boss told them that we have people here that do not have bank accounts and can not open one because of bad credit and owing money to banks, now they want proof of that (which i think is illegal) and telling us that we have to go to a credit union and try .. the point is THEY CANT MAKE ME OPEN A ****** ACCOUNT I KNOW THIS IS ****** ILLEGAL.. i owe money if i do open a credit union they can freeze my account not only that

I live paycheck to paycheck scrapping every last penny living on my own with a baby and NO HELP i kno i will go negative, get atm fees and not be able to access my last dollar which sadly I NEED!

PLEASE PLEASE somebody help me someway pleease this isnt just and unfair

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    many places any more require to get direct deposit

    it saves them the money of not writing a check

    as for forcing to get an account is another story you could say you are unable to unopen an account at this time and then they should pay you by check

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    direct deposit is an employer's perogative. I seriously doubt a law exists that says they must pay you in check form. If you don't want to open a bank account, find a different job. The Federal Govenment pays all employees by direct deposit. that simple. If you know it's illegal, why can't you find a law? I"m going to not tell you what I really think, but your state does have a labor board that can answer these questions for you.

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    No they can't require it.

    "The net wages of any employee may, with the consent of both the employee and the employer, be deposited directly into the employee’s checking, savings or share account in a financial organization selected by the employee."

    The above is from the Digest of Rhode Island Digest of labor laws. You can find it in context on page 45 of this pdf file.

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