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Help finding a Digital SLR Camera?

Does anyone know of a good Digital SLR camera under $300?

Also, do you know if DSLR's can record videos?



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    A Nikon D70s is around 200.00 used, and a lens is another 100.00. It's risky buying used equipment. You have to check the shutter count with Opanda, and hope it's going to last. If it breaks, almost any repair will cost you 200.00, so it's a disposable camera.

    Look at a Nikon D3000 when you save up some more.

    If you want video, a Nikon D90 is a good camera.

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    As Tabasco said you cant get new dSlr for $300.Rather wait and get something good than buy used and unhappy :) there is cameras with video support now.

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    There are no DSLRs available for under $300, unless you go used. If you have no experience with DSLRs, buying used is a REALLY bad idea.

    Most DSLRs will do some form of video now, with many of them shooting full 1080p HD video.

    Source(s): Camera store employee
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