Baritone Saxophone crisis (well, not really a crisis, BUT HELP!)?

Today my music teacher started offering solos for whoever wants one(Jazz band). I have always been scared to do this thing in the past, but i figured in my last year of middle school i would have the guts. I do this year. However, i'm playing bari this year (my first time ever playing it) it is conflicting because i am not entirely used to bari yet but i think i may want a solo. i need advice. (I kept saying that if i had my tenor, i could play a solo,I don't think i can switch to tenor for one solo)

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  • 1 decade ago
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    well i switched from flute to tenor for a year and yea, it was different

    tenor to bari? its easy. same fingerings, just different key and size.

    all you got to remember, do not play by sound memory until you have a mind set.

    for example

    on the tenor, a C is a concert Bflat

    on the bari, a C is a concert Eflat

    so when you memorize by ear that the note is a concert Bflat

    dont go and play a C

    play a G ;D

    i also play an alto.

    in order to not get mixed up, i always refer back to my Eflat tuner for assistance.

    might considering to buy one

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