my 14 year old hates school. It is a struggle to get him to do homework.?

My son is doing fairly well in school and goes to school every day. But it is a struggle to get him to do homework. He says he has no plans to go to college and that algebra for instance is useless information. Are all kids at this age this way? I do not remember having this attitude and being so negative. It is a struggle every night. Its hard for me to care when he doesnt care! Any suggestions would be of great help. I have told him that what I ask of him is to at least graduate from high school

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    Tell him that if wants a decent job when he gets older, a high school diploma will be necessary and a college diploma will help a lot. Also, at my school at least homework counts for a lot. If you miss 10 assignments that adds up to a failing test grade. I'm 14 and don't have the same attitude as your son and neither do most of the kids at my school. Good luck!

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    Eliminate homework. You have that authority, and if more parents would excercise that authority then teachers/schools would quit assigning it!

    I do not blame your son at all. He spends 7 or so hours a day at school, and then comes home with hours of homework. There is usually little, if any, time for a child- especially one in high school- to have to just rest and relax, hang otu with friends, never mind quality family time. The school has NO AUTHORITY to mandate what is required outside of school hours, in the home.

    You might also consider homeschooling- there are many different methods and materials, and you could find one that would fit your son's needs- not everyone learns in the same way and what is implemented at school is not necessarily what is best for the individual student, but what is the easiest, cheapest method of educating the masses.

    I suggest your son read the Teenage Liberation Handbook.

    Source(s): Common sense and research Personal experience and opinion Mom of FOUR!
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    Algebra is useless. Whens the last time the insurance company said were not going to tell you how much to pay you have to find it out yourself through a series of complecated letters and numbers? But yes everyone is like that. This comes from an straight A student who got a 94 in algebra. He needs to graduate high school though.

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    well obviously not everyone is like that ur sons just being a retard. just say if he doesnt do it he cant go out or anything i meanim 13 and i do my homework and try hard

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    ya most of teen hate school even me just try to convince him every knowldge have use and try to make him see his futre if he learns his grads well

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