how do get songs to play when someone is calling you phone? like where they can hear it ?

im trying to get a song to play when someone is calling me they listen to music instead of the ringing ?

anyone know how to do it and where i can get songs for it?

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    you have to pay extra and get it set up through whoever your provider is you set it up with a "callback tune" so if its okay with your parents for paying extra then im pretty sure you can set it up from home.

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    I had the comparable undertaking as quickly as,and the music grew to become into positioned on my caller wait on a similar time as consumer ideas up. i such as you have no longer any concept the way it have been given there yet I did hear all people can deliver you a music in that format in basic terms to clutter w/ u. I had this rap music w/ all style of slander in it yet I did as you probably did. i attempted to decide on the undertaking my self,then called, and ultimately have been given bored stiff w/ it and took it to a broker and he fixed the undertaking at no fee very rapidly. I had that telephone# for like 7yrs and this music in basic terms popped out of now the place,so i've got faith ya! Goodluck! Fry

  • R0G0
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    1 decade ago

    have to pay extra

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