Are Flu shots safe or do they do more harm than good?

I have heard they put mercury in the shot. Have they made it safer?

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    Thimerosal is present in minuscule amounts in the multi-dose Influenza vaccines.There are thimerosal free ones available. However, thimerosal is completely safe.

    Thiomersal does not contain methyl mercury. Thiomersal contains ethyl mercury which does not bio-accumulate, it is metabolised and removed from the body much faster than methyl mercury. It also does not cross the blood brain barrier easily as methyl mercury does.

    The influenza vaccines have always been safe.

    Edit: And here, a review of mercury toxicology:

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    Flu shots, they inject you with the flu virus but in a way so that your body develops antibodies against it so your body can fight it if you somehow catch it. There's very minimal risk with flu shots. Last 'BAD" case I heard involving a flu shot was a high school girl who got one and then a couple weeks later, her body started making sporadic movements she can't control.

    Her body kept shaking, she could barely talk, surprisingly, this was only when she was standing still or laying still. When she ran or walked backwards, she was totally fine, no sporadic movements but they said though this was due to the flu shot.

    I don't know what her status is but that's honestly like a 1 in a billion chance of that happening.

    That's what CBS news said, I don't know if it was proven a hoax or not.

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    They absolutely do still put 25 mcg mercury in most flu shots. It says right in the package inserts. 25 mcg is not a "trace" or "miniscule" amount of mercury to be injected into the body. The CDC says that 0.3 mcg is a "trace" amount of mercury for a vaccine. 25 mcg is 81 times that amount.

    Look in the "Description" section of each package insert to see if the vaccine contains mercury, and if so, how much.

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    I am from the UK but I highly doubt there is any mercury in a flu shot- its poisonous.

    In the UK its normally grown in chicken eggs so if you are allergic to that I would not get it.

    It should not leave you feeling unwell other than a dead arm for a few hours around the injection site.

    Source(s): I am a nurse
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    Thimerisol is no longer used in flu shots. This was the controversial source of mercury that was demonstrated to be safe but was removed because of concerns that people would be less likely to get vaccinated if it were still used.

    Flu shots use a fragment of protein that replicates the genetic sequence of the flu virus. It is big enough to train your immune system, but it is not enough of the virus sequence to actually make you sick with the flu.

    Some people do have minor reactions because of th response when your immune system notices something foreign, but this is redness at the injection site and maybe a low fever for a day. It is nothing compared to what happens if you get infected by the flu.

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    Flu shots are safe for anyone who is not allergic to eggs. Flu shots contain inactive ("dead") strains of flu, and getting a flu shot can not give you the flu. (Chicken eggs are used to make the vaccine, so people who are allergic to eggs should not get the flu shot.)

    Source(s): I get a flu shot every year, have not had flu in over 25 years (at least)
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    I don't know where the other respondents got their information, but the flu shot most definitely contains thimerosal, unless you specifically ask for the thimerosal-free version, which your doctor may not have:

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    They're safe. They give them to people every year, who are too old or too sick to survive a flu, and they survive the vaccines. The "mercury" you've heard about is a little worrying, but it's not really mercury, not as toxic as mercury, and leaves the body quite quickly.

    Also, it seems like, in the US at least, normal single-dose vaccines ARE thiomersal-free:

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    they dont have mercury just so you know, the flu shot is basically a very small dose of the flu and your body then creates white blood cells to fight off the flu, it does this so your body knows how to fend off the flu and you dont get sick for 1-2 weeks, its perfectly safe and millions of ppl get flu shots each year

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    They are giving this shot to kids. Imagining putting that stuff in baby.

    Don't listen to vaccine pushers. Run away from the shot.

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